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Early History

Cambroon, Kenilworth, North Kenilworth & Mt Ubi

Kenilworth is known today as a township situated upon the west bank of the Mary River, close to the junction of Obi Obi Creek and the Mary River and on part of what was originally a sheep run of some 16,000 acres (6,474.98ha) called Cambroon.

Cambroon Run was tendered for on Tender No. 14 in May 1850 by Mr J D Mactaggart. The tender for 16,000 acres (6,474.98ha) was accepted in 1855, the lease being for eight years at an annual rental of £10/1/8 ($20.17), carrying capacity 4,000 sheep.  Mr  Mactaggart transferred it to Mr John C McDonald who in turn transferred it to Mr David Mander Jones.  Mr Jones transferred it to Mr W B Tooth, an enterprising gentleman who held many runs in N.S.W and Queensland.  His brother, Mr Attacus Tooth, managed the run on his behalf.  Mr W B Tooth sold to Mr John Delaney Bergin in 1859.  Mr  Bergin sold to his brother-in-law, Mr Isaac Moore who owned Kenilworth Run, in 1867.(Hinka Booma to Kenilworth1850-1950, 2005)

Kenilworth Run

A holding of 22,000 acres (8,903.09ha) was tendered for in August 1850 by Mr Richard Joseph Smith to run 640 cattle.  The tenders took some six years to be finalised.


Kenilworth Run

From the Crown Lands Office, Sydney, 5th June, 1856


It is hereby notified for general information that the Tenders of the undermentioned parties having been accepted during this year ended 31st December, 1855, for the Runs of Crown Lands specified in connexion with their respective names, and payment of the first year's rent having in each case been made, the occupation of the Runs has been authorized, pending the preparation of the Leases, and subject of all the conditions and reservations specified in Her Majesty's Orders in Council having reference to the occupation of Crown Lands, and in the Regulations in pursuance thereof.

(Signed) GEORGE BARNEY                                                                                                          

Chief Commissioner of Crown Lands                                                                                          

(Supplement to the New South Wales Government Gazette No. 84 Thursday 5 June, 1856)

No 227

Smith R.J.

Name of Run - Kenilworth

Estimated Area - 22,000 acres

Estimated Grazing Capabilities - 640 cattle

A block of land commencing at a tree marked D with MK conjoined, on the west bank of Obee Obee branch of the River Mary, and is bounded on the west by Obee Obee Creek, bearing north 8 miles; on the north by a line bearing east 3 miles to the eastern watershed of Obee Obee Creek; on the east by the watershed of that creek southerly 8 miles; and on the south by a line running westerly 3 miles to the marked tree on Obee Obee Creek aforesaid, being the point of commencement. Rent £10/10/0 per annum

No 228

Smith, R.J.

Name of Run - North Kenilworth

Estimated Area - 18,000 acres

Estimated Grazing Capabilities - 640 cattle

A block of land commencing on the east Bank of the Obee Obee Creek, at the north-east corner of the run known as Kenilworth, and bounded on the west by 8 miles of Obee Obee Creek, running northerly; on the north by a line bearing east 3 miles to the watershed of the Obee Obee Creek; on the east by the watershed of that creek 8 miles, bearing southerly; and on the south by the northern boundary of the run known as Kenilworth aforesaid.  Rent £10/10/0 per annum

Charles Frederick Parkinson and Colin Mackenzie Fraser purchased the property on August 12, 1858 The run was held by these families until July 1860.


The run was then transferred to Mr. Walter Gray, a merchant in Ipswich. Upon the death of Mr. Gray the property was transferred by the executors of his estate to Mr. Isaac Moore on April 1, 1863. The Moore family resided on the property until January 14, 1875 when it was taken over by a Mr. Patrick Lillis who had been a lucky investor on the Gympie goldfields. Mr. Lillis held the property until 1891 when it was returned to the ownership of Isaac Moore. At this time Mr. Duncan Beattie was appointed manager until 1921 when the estate was subdivided and sold.

For further information on the Heritage Listing of this property Click Here


Mt Ubi Station

Under the new Land Act of 1868, Mr. A.E. Bonney took up a portion of Kenilworth Station - Portion 446, Parish of Maleny - an area of 444 acres. He named this property Mt Ubi. Subsequently several more blocks were added to the original property and formed Mt Ubi Estate.

Mt Ubi

(Photograph Courtesy Nambour Historical Museum)


Some years later Mr Bonney sold to Mr Tamlyn and Mr Rodgers, and in 1897 Mr J T Walker of Sydney took over the property which was managed by the late Mr J C Hassall till it was cut up for closer settlement in 1925.

Mt Ubi

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