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Closer Settlement in the Kenilworth District

In the 1880's a new "Homestead Act" was passed which threw open the remainder of the leasehold lands held by Kenilworth Run and Mt Ubi Station for closer settlement. The selector was required to personally reside on and make his livelihood from his selection. The blocks ranged from 160 to 640 acres according to the quality of the land - blocks with alluvial river flats were smaller. The price was fixed at two shillings and sixpence per acre.




Christopher Sharry after working at Mt Ubi Station for 12 months settled at Yahoo Creek.

Edward  Pickering, Jack McGinn and Richard Sims travelled by train from Brisbane to Yandina and then on to their selected land at Yahoo Creek – now Gheerulla.

Edward Allen came to the district in search of gold, settling at Chinaman Creek.

Mr Duncan Beattie arrived to manage Kenilworth Station


 C. SharryChristopher Sharry

E. Pickering                         J. McGinn                           R. Sims

E. Pickering              J. McGinn                      R. Sims






Michael, John and James Hornibrook settled on Michael's selection at Obi Obi.

Albert Goeths who had selected his land at Obi Obi in 1891 began permanent residence.

Herman Kuch settled on an adjoining block.




Mr W.H. Liekefett took up land at the Obi Obi settlement.

Alex McGinn (brother of Jack) settled at Gheerulla.

William and Henry Hilder selected land at Gheerulla.

Andrew and Alex Purdon selected "Craiglea".

Patrick Murtagh and Thomas Sharry took up part of Kenilworth Station known as "Pullen Pullen.




A. Purdon Alex Purdon




 JC HassallJames Cusack Hassall


Mt Ubi Estate changed ownership. Senator J. F. Walker of Sydney purchased the property and after a chance meeting with Mr. J. C. Hassall, his classmate from Geelong Grammar, Mr Hassall was appointed manager.




A record flood occurred, wiping out years of hard work for the new settlers.

The Pearce family, Henry Fritz and his family and Jacob Fritz and his family all settled at Gheerulla.


 J. PearceJames Pearce






Mr Hassall began a coach run from Mt Ubi to Eumundi.





The road to Mapleton was surveyed by Mr. John Hornibrook and Mr Tom Smith.

Mr Albert Goeths began a coach service on the new road.

Frederick Loweke and William and Henry Dellit selected portions of Kenilworth leasehold.

Peter and William Sutton settled at Moy Pocket.




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